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ActiveX component that is used to access mailbox on the server using POP3 protocol.Mail found
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24 March 2013

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A mailbox server works on certain protocols for sending and receiving mail messages by the user’s client application. One of the widely used protocols for receiving mail by the client application from mailbox server is POP3. If you are a developer of some email client application, you essentially require to integrate POP3 protocol in your application for successful retrieval of emails from the mailbox server. There are many such applications available in market today, and thus you need to ensure that your application is flexible and convenient enough on the email retrieval part in order to gain comprehensive functionality. wodPOP3 v.1.4.2 is a very handy utility for such purposes.

wodPOP3 v.1.4.2 is a shareware ActiveX component for receiving mail messages over the most widely used POP3 protocol used for retrieving mail messages from mailbox server along with enhanced functionality which makes it convenient to use along with saving on time and resources. The e-mail messages or their respective headers only can be easily retrieved locally through the user application. You can also delete unwanted mails from your mailbox without even actually retrieving them in your application thus ensuring saving in time. Apart from this, it supports complete commands for many other standard operations. For every message, it creates new message object in message collection and thus you can easily get the message size of mail present on the mailbox server. Apart from this, it gets message UID immediately on being connected to the server so that you can easily decide whether you want to retrieve a mail or not. It supports operations for blocking and unblocking the senders e-mails, as well as UNICODE format in message headers which can be retrieved without retrieving the whole mail.

Overall, wodPOP3 v.1.4.2 comes with complete functionality relevant to the e-mail client application. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

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ActiveX component that is used to access mailbox on the server using POP3 protocol. Mail found on the server can be retrieved locally(complete messages or only headers) and/or can be deleted from server. Full set of commands for standard operations is supported.
Using wodPop3 you can easily get information about content of your mailbox.For each message found on server, wodPop3 will create new Message object in Messages collection, allowing you to easily check the message size and UID(this information is known immediately at connection), and determine if you will download the message or not.
For slow connections there is also ability to download only headers.
You can just let wodPop3 download all the email for you - it supports method to download all the mesasages and to download all headers - allowing you to open meassages after you disconnect from server - no need to waste time on open connection.
*Supports both blocking and non-blocking operations
*Can Automatically retrieve all messages from the server using one command
*Can retrieve only headers
*Provides powerful set of properties that relate to messages - no need for external parsers
*Events for all major operations
*Supports UNICODE in message header
*Royalty free licencing
*Ease of use
Version 1.4.4
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